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Diamond Platinum is a Liar, Player (YFA, S2 Reveal)

Tanzanian Musician Diamond Platnumz, Chibu Ndangote’ character unveiled. The bongo star, who is featured in a reality show, Young, Famous & African has been exposed! Based on the show, Diamond reveals to be a player and a serial liar.

Young, Famous & African cast | All the stars of the Netflix series | Radio  Times

Young, Famous & African

YFA season 2 premiered on 19th May, 2023 and among the cast was Diamond. Other casts are Swanky Jerry (Nigeria), Zari (Uganda), Annie Idibia (Nigeria), Fantana (Ghana) and Luis ( Namibia). The show covers different life experiences of these stars as they live their best lives. The Netflix show is worth watching.

The Party/Reunion

Diamond, who has two children with Zari among other many women played a role in the making. In this show, Diamond opens the party by inviting all the cast members to a reunion party. During this reunion, Diamond has awkward moments with Andile, who eyed for Zari in season 1. It is during this party that Fantana, a Ghanaian musician is introduced.


Putting out old flames and starting anew, Young, Famous & African is back  for S2 | Life

Diamond could not help but salivate for the curvy Fantana. Like Diamond, Fantana is flirtatious and easy going. Fantana in separate cases is warned by Swanky Jerry against entertaining Diamond advances as he was only interested in ‘smashing’ and moving. However, Fantana seems to have no problem with such arrangement.

The Entanglement

Young, Famous & African' Season 2: Are Diamond and Fantana dating? Shop  talk takes sexy turn | MEAWW

Diamond, while in South Africa invites Fantana for studio session. The two are seen flirting without limits. On a different day, Diamond invites Fantana to his house and she goes. In the house, the two flirts, kisses and goes upstairs for some *nacking* just as Jerry had predicted. Fantana is so excited to speak about her experience with Diamond when she meets with Zari and other girls.

The Gossip

During their house meeting, Diamond is seen telling Fantana that Zari cannot let go of him. Indeed, Zari wishes to have another child with Diamond, but through surrogacy. When these news reach Zari, she is not happy and goes to confront Diamond. In a brunch planned by Khanyi (S.A), Zari asks Diamond of things he has been talking to Fantana about her. Diamond shamelessly denies talking about Zari with Fantana.

Later, Diamond makes peace with both Zari and Fantana on different ocassions. As he leaves for Paris Tour, Diamond’s character in this show is shown as that of a player and a liar. Wait, did I mention that Diamond denied having a girlfriend? Well, when asked by Fantana about having a gf, Diamond says he is single, despite having Zuchu in his life, romantically.

Go to Netflix now to watch;


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