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Expensive Things Owned by William Ruto

Deputy President and presidential candidate William Ruto, like any other popular and powerful people has an expensive taste. Below is a list of these things, ranging from helicopters to private property in various regions.

                                                                @ William Samoei Ruto

Please note that the property are not listed according to their prices.

  1. Eurocopter Helicopters

Ruto is said to own at least 3 eurocopter helicopters. These helicopters are amongst the most expensive in the market with each acquired at an estimated price of 300 million. This means that the hustler used at least 900 million to purchase the choppers. Ruto now uses the choppers to move across the country and also hire them to his close allies. During the campaigns, the choppers are among those used to campaign his presidential position.

2. Weston Hotel

This hotel is one of the Ruto’s most debated property. Many people associate the hotel with Ruto’s question for integrity. Weston Hotel really dragged Ruto’s name in the mad some years back. The 4-star hotel is estimated at ksh. 2 billion. The luxurious hotel is located at Langata Road, Opposite Wilson airport. Weston is well-pampered to meet the trending hotel needs. It offers dining restaurant, Sauna, VIP lounge, traditional Kenyan food, Swimming pool, and cocktails. You might want to visit this place for some good times.

3. Moiben Palatial Home

The palatial home is located in Moiben, Uagin Gishu County. According to Star News, the home is worth ksh. 1.2 billion. Looking from the drone picture angel, the home really is palatial. The property sits on a 20-acre land, part of 700 acres owned by Ruto. The home interestingly has a private airstrip considering that the lad has choppers. In general, the home has the main house, guest wing, servant quarters, gym, 2 swimming pools, and library among other facilities. Accordingly, this is the most expensive Ruto’s home.

4. Karen Home

K24 news highlighted this picture as some of the mansions owned by Ruto in Karen. The beautiful home is built on a 10-acre land. It has an office block among other things like gazebo, a garage, swimming pools, staff residence, and a generator house. According to k24 news, the home is worth 450 million.

5. Gold Hublot Watch

This kind of a watch is a swiss luxurious owned by a few rich people in the world. According to, the watch costs around 2.6 million shillings. That said, if one is working as public servant in  Kenya, it would take at least 5 years to purchase the watch. For you, hmn, I don’t know how long. What do you think? Some of the people who own it in the world include Jay Z, Uasin Bolt, and the legendary footballer, Diego Maradona.

6. AMACO Insurance

Deputy William Ruto is a major shareholder in AMACO Insurance Company. The company has at least 22 branches in the 47 counties. The insurance company deals with general business insurance premiums and makes millions of profit every month. As a major shareholder, Ruto earns high dividends from the profit margins.

7. 680 Hotel

The luxurious hotel is worth 3 billion shillings. Located in Nairobi CBD, Ruto bought the hotel back in 2019. According to Prolatest, Ruto paid half of the price during the purchase while the rest is to be paid under an agreement.  It is evident that William Ruto made a perfect decision to own the town hotel.

8. Range Rover Sports

Ruto owns a fleet of cars and amongst them a range rover sports. The cars are customized to his taste and preferences, thus making them more expensive. The range rover sports costs 20 million shillings. Other cars owned by Ruto are costly and only a few people can afford.

In most cases, the politician is seen in a Lexus LX570. From his close sources, this car is his favorite. The Lexus LX570 is customized to meet his high security standards and taste of class. The car price alongside the customization costs 35 million.

9. Other Ruto’s Property

The politician is a famous chicken businessman. In a report released in 2021, Ruto sells at least 1 million eggs every day. He also sells layers and broiler chicken for commercial purposes. This business was one of his sparks towards greatness. Ruto had humble beginnings, which included selling chicken in the market and selling roasted maize. Ruto also has rental property within the outskirts of Nairobi. Rumors also have it that Ruto has invested in the transport industry.

In conclusion, Ruto is wealthy and is smart in investing. He hides his money is high income generating businesses. Investing in land is obviously one of the best decision one could make. Ruto has invested in at least 700 acres of land. The lad is expected to grown even wealthier once he become the 5th president of Kenya.

What is your take in this?

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