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George Luchiri Wajackoyah Biography

Who is Wajackoyah?

George Wajackoyah is widely known for his bid to legalize Marijuana in Kenya when elected as the 5th President. What many don’t know is that he started from scratch. He was once a street child, became a night guard, and dug graves for a living.

Today, he is a professor of law, priest, politician, and one of the frontrunners for Kenya’s presidency in August 2022. Apart from his career, he is a learned individual with at least 16 degrees and can speak 11 languages, including local dialects.

George Wajackoyah is a Kenyan politician, lawyer, priest, and educationist. He is best known as the leader of the Roots Party, a political party in Kenya championing the legalisation of bhang. Wajackoyah has an impressive resume and has used his law firm to represent some of the most influential people in society.

George Luchiri Wajackoyah also known as Wajackoyah the 5th was born on 24th October 1959. The 5th was born in Uganda to Melenia Makokha and Tito Olilo Jakoya.

Wajackoyah spent his early life in Kenya where he went to St. Peters Mumias Boys High School. Unfortunately, his parents divorced at an early age leaving him to live with his paternal parents. At 16, the 5th, forced by conditions moved to Nairobi streets to live among other street children. Luckily, Wajackoyah was rescued by Hare Krishna and turned a new leaf.

Wajackoyah was lucky enough to flee the country to the UK. In a foreign country, the politician dedicated his stay to education. He went to different schools including Universit of London, Wolverhampton, UOL Birkbeck, and Warwick among others. Other than the main course law, Wajackoyah also learned African studies, economics, French, Security, and Intelligence.

Wajackoyah is also  Kenyan trained police officer and crime investigator. Moreso, he was once asked to investigate some intelligence about Rober Ouko’s death. The investigation triggered curiosity that led the 5th to be arrested, tortured and losing eyesight.

Wajackoyah recently was one of the candidates running for presidency in Kenya. One of his popular manifesto is to legalize the use and production of bhang. Having many likeminded youths at his back, Wajakoyah was hoping to win the election come 8/9.

Wajackoyah lost presidential election to William Ruto, garnering 61, 969 or 0.44% of 14+million votes. Check presidential results:

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