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How to Prevent Your FB Account from being Hacked (Video)

You are hacked because you don’t know about a few Facebook settings. Other than not following the sent link, here is what you can do to ensure you do not receive the link in the first place. Ready? Let’s go!

Almost everybody has recently been posting, “Account hacked,” right? Well, what you do not know is that you have the power to avoid getting hacked. That’s right. As shown in the illustrative video recorded from my Fb account, here are the steps to follow.

Step One

Open your Facebook account and on your upper right hand side, you will see settings sign. Open the settings and scroll through to familiarize with different types of settings. It is sad that some of you have never been here. Anyway, we move on regardless.

Step Two

Your will see types of settings such as Account, Preferences, Audience and visibility. No matter whether you are using a phone or a computer, the settings are available. Now, select Audience and Visibility.

Step Three

Under audience and visibility, go direct to Profile and Tagging. There is Viewing and Sharing, Tagging, and Reviewing levels. Select Reviewing. This level of setting is most critical because you choose what to appear on your timeline after being tagged. Select the first Review option and turn it on. Go to the 3rd option and turn it on too.

I want to believe you have  understood up to here. Now, if a person tag you to a porn video, it will not show on your wall. Facebook will send you a notification that so and so tagged you. You will be asked to review the post before you can allow it to appear on timeline.

This means that your friends will not even know you were tagged to such posts.

Note: Do Not Open that porn link or any link you do not know about. It is a F#king trap to hack your account. 

Besides, why would you want to watch porn on Facebook for Christ sake? If you want to watch porn just go to pornhub or other xxx sites.

So, what will do to the friend or idiot that tagged you to the porn link? Click the post and report it. We must fix this nation haha. Also, report and block the person who tagged you. Report them for nudity and sexual suggestive actions.

That’s it folks. Try this steps and see whether it works. Don’t even thank me (smiles).

Also check how Azimio is targeting Ruto:

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