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Mwaure Concedes Defeat, Endorses Ruto as the Leading Candidate

David Mwaure and one of the presidential candidate has accepted an early defeat from the election results. He has also shown a significant support for Ruto as the leading candidate.

Mwaure, releasing his statement in the past minutes, he has indicated that his party, Agano support UDA win. Indeed, he says that Ruto’s manifestos matches those of Agano. Furthermore, the country need to be led by a God fearing candidate like Ruto. Mwaure adds that Ruto’s manifestos supports a God fearing country.

Mwaure has been very specific in his statement that Ruto is leading in the ongoing verified results. This comes as a shock for many Azimio supporters as Raila had assured them that they are winning.

Political analysts also find Mwaure’s act of terming Ruto the winner to be wrong. They feel that Mwaure should have accepted defeat and left everything else for the IEBC to announce.

However, Mwaure’s remarks are to revive seemingly lost hope amongst Ruto and UDA supporters. Considering that Ruto has not made a public statement regarding the election, his supporters are losing hope. Indeed, supporters feel like Ruto has already lost and is trying to keep it calm.

With new and hopeful remarks from Mwaure, Ruto supporters will be happy again. Mwaure has mentioned that Ruto is winning and that Agano party will stand by him. He has also rebuked the acts of disruption that attempt to end the verification process. He says that such acts should be stopped as they seek to disrupt Kenyan peace.

Check more of his statement in this video:

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