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Raila’s Last Card to Push for a Runoff

In response to Election result, Raila states that Yesterday, Kenyans witnessed political and election crisis. The IEBC chair, Wafula Chebukati announced the wrong presidential results. Leaning on the earlier statement from the four IEBC commissioners, the announced results numbers were not adding up or making sense.

raila odinga

According to Julian Cherera, one of the four IEBC commissioners that termed the announced results opaque, the total percentages adds up to 100.01% instead of 100%. From her calculation, the 0.01% is equivalent to 142, 130.27 votes that were not included in the counting. Cherere adds that should these votes be added to the general counting, the numbers would change.

In other words, adding the extra 0.01% means that no one, amongst the four candidates will attain 50+1% of the votes. Cherera also add that Wafula Chebukati did not announce the total number of voters, the valid and the invalid votes during the declaration.

Raila, in support of Cherera’s words says, “unless an unanimous decision is reached by the majority of the IEBC commission, the attained decision cannot be reliable.” Therefore, since the decision was rejected by four out of the IEBC commissioners, the final and announced decision is not reliable.

Raila states that Azimio party members, supporters, and nation at large were shocked that kind of announcement. According to the leader, Chebukati denied all commissioners the access to the final results until the last minute. 2 hours before the declaration, the commissioners were let in to the secret and four of them distanced themselves from the results.

However, although the majority of the commissioners protested against the results, IEBC chair had his mind made up. From the Azimio’s stand view, the figures announced are null and void based on legal grounds. Legally, there is no president elect, no winner of the 2022 presidential election.

Raila’s opinion is that Chebukati acted on gross ignorance and intended to cause chaos in the country. He repeated the similar mistakes made in 2013 and 2017 elections. However, Azimio party says they have no authority to declare Chebukati wrong but the court of law.

While closing his remarks, Raila preaches peace to Kenyans and asks no one to take law to their hand. He request the legal system to declare the election results null and void in search of justice.

Raila is very proud of the four commissioners who decided to stand by their grounds for the constitutional  duties. He asks all Kenyans and friends to stand tall for truth as they seek justice. Finally, Raila thanks all voters for showing patriotism, love, and peace for their nation.


IEBC has the chance to ensure that the Voters’ decision or needs are met.

Azimio loves peace, seeks to move out of tribalism.

See detailed captions from direct coverage:

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