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Religion Leaders Against Wajackoyah’s Manifestos

Kenyan Religious leaders want Wajackoyah to be stopped. They say that his manifestos are aimed at destroying the citizens. If bhang is legalized, Kenyans will shun away from God’s will.

The church leaders says that Wajackoya’s manifestos are evil and should not be sold to Kenyans. The presidential candidate intend to legalize the production and use of marijuana when selected as the 5th. Bhang is a drug that is highly used by Kenyans despite being illegal. Kenyan youths have shown their thrill about the idea of making bhang legal.

Among other Wajackoyah’s agendas is to hunt and sell “Makende ya fisi,” grow and sell snakes, “kunyonga wafisadi,” export dog meat, and suspend the constitution. One of the craziest plan is to move Kenyan capital from Nairobi to Isiolo. I mean maaaaaaaaaaan! Wajackoyah also want Kenyans to work for only four days in a week and shut down SGR.

Amongst the leaders is a Nyeri pastor who claims that Wajackoyah’s manifestos are vices intended to promote immorality amongst Kenyans. He says that such agendas would stop Kenyans from being God fearing.

Religious leaders provide that other than being crazy, the agendas are evil. The act of legalizing bhang will encourage Kenyans to act crazy. They will also turn away from God’s ways. The leaders now want the candidate to be stopped by the government. The candidate is said to be promoting anti-spiritual behaviors thus staining the religious nation.

As much as the leaders are right, have they met Kenyans? I mean if its shunning away from God, that happened long time ago. These are end times when people do anything without caring about God’s opinion.

What do you think about these agendas? Also, check why these manifestos might not win:

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