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RUTO: “I ALMOST SLAPPED UHURU.” Joke Gone Wrong. (Audio)

An audio recording where Deputy President William S. Ruto says he almost slapped Uhuru has been leaked. Talking about his experiences of the aftermath of 2017 elections, Ruto mentions that Uhuru almost made a poor decision. Although Ruto was making a joke, the audience are now associating his remarks with anger issues. Check the audio as aired by NTV.

In 2017, Ruto was talking to Agikuyu elders about his political journey. Deputy President, who is also vying for a presidential position flashed back 2017 elections. Ruto and Uhuru had just won the presidential election but their opponent, Raila Odinga was not having it. Shortly after elections, Raila disagreed with the results and wanted a repeat of voting process.

In the audio, Ruto recalls how he found President Uhuru devastated. The current president wanted to step down by giving it to the opponent pressures. Ruto narrates how he literally woke Uhuru’s mind from a sleep of hopelessness. He encouraged his boss to not give up on the position and the country. That said, Ruto jokes that he almost slapped Uhuru for wanting to give upon their jobs.

Deputy president then took Uhuru to Bama to eat meat. While joking about hoe he snapped out of it, Ruto says that Uhuru got healed.

Why is it Trending?

Unfortunately, those against Ruto have taken the joke too far. His opponents or the Azimio supporters are now using the remarks as evidence why Ruto cannot lead the country. They allege that Ruto has anger issues that prevents him from being a good leader.

Although Ruto was telling the story in relation to how they conquered the 2017 elections, his enemies have turned on him. Politics is a dirty game. I mean, how can such a minor joke become a trending mountain? Anyway, “SIASA ZINA WENYEWE.” However, Ruto’s supporters are not moved by such allegations. They rather think that Azimio is just tripping.

From my point of view, Ruto was just making a joke about a person he was once close to. I mean we all need a friend who can make you snap from your hypnotic dreams, right? Just listen to the audio and let me know your views.

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