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“You Should Be Grateful I Wore Condoms!” Oga Obinna Responds to Baby Mama

Comedian Oga Obinna has responded to his baby mama for alleging that she found condoms in his pockets. According to Obinna, wearing condoms is a sign of care for the other partner.

another one! Oga Obinna buys his baby mama another car for her birthday | Baby  mama, Oga, H.e.r.

Kiss FM Radio host and comedian Oga Obinna was recently exposed by his baby mama, Mama Ada and Lola. Obinna has at least 3 baby mamas and several children from all of them. The most recently mama living with Obinna has however come up with allegations that the comedian has been having an affair with a sugar mama.

Speaking with Presenter Ali, the baby mama spelled the beans of their love affairs. She mentions that Obinna one time came home with condoms in his pockets with his underpants inside out. According to the baby mama, Obinna is currently having an affair with a “mumama” or a sugar mammy who recently bought a car for the lad.

Further allegations says that Obinna left his home where his girlfriend and all of his children live to go and live with the sugar mammy. Mama Ada reveals that Obinna had not told her that he had other children until she was pregnant.

Aliniambia niko na mtoto anaeda kuzaliwa in 5 days.” Says Mama Ada.

Before she went to labor, Obinna allegedly revealed further that he had a first born child. See the revelations

The baby mama also says that Obinna told her that he was going to look for money to cater for hospital needs during her delivery. Obinna then went missing for three months. He from there started to come home with inside out under wears with condoms in his pockets. Baby mama claims that Obinna is always tough on her to a point that she is afraid of addressing him.

Responding to these allegations, Obinna says that Mama Ada should be grateful that he was using condoms. Speaking indirectly, Obinna says, ” If a man wears condoms, it is a sign that he cares about his partner.” In other words, Obinna was protecting his baby mama by wearing condoms in his alleged sexual escapades. See his response

Addressing further allegations, Obinna wonders what the woman was still doing in his house if she felt such unease. He says that the baby mama puts him in a disciplinarian position every time he is home. Mama Ada and Lola always complain or report other two children to their daddy.

Commenting on their over 9 years relationship, the comedian claims that he never drinks hence would never wear under pants inside out. He says that he has money to book a decent room, do his thing with a “swary” of his choice, take a bath and go drive home looking fresh. In other words, he has no room for such alleged mistakes.

Judging from his response, Obinna has zero remorse for his actions. He also refuses to directly answer the allegations made by the baby mama.

See the allegations;

Check what is happening now:

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